Caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror…girl

When it comes to lingerie, Honey Birdette just gets me. Their jewel-toned sets, shimmery details, and gold-plated hardware seriously speak my love language.

The first time I browsed their site, I’ll admit, the sticker shock was real (*cue the emoji with the BIG eyes and the raised eyebrows). Over $100 for a bra?!

I quickly clicked out and spent the next week trying to push those beautiful lingerie sets out of my brain…

After all, there are many lingerie brands out there– plenty of which cost much less… but I couldn’t stop thinking about that Honey Birdette set.

So. I bought it. Several, actually. And while I still had a slight moment of panicky hesitation as I hovered over that ‘confirm order’ button, I went for it.

The moment I tried on the first set and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror…girl. There aren’t even words that seem deep enough for the wave of emotions that came over me. I felt like a goddess.

The way the panty hugged and framed my curves, the exact amount of support the bra gave ‘the girls’, the rich colors against my skin tone, the quality of the fabric, and most importantly, the overwhelming confidence boost.

Quite honestly, it’s some of the best money I’ve spent, because I still get that feeling every time I slip into one of those sets. It was an amazing reminder that I am worth investing in.

Maybe you needed that reminder too? Maybe you’ve been tossing around doing something for yourself (likeeee a boudoir shoot!?), but you keep wrestling with shelling out the money. Perhaps the hardest part about it is convincing yourself that you are worth the expense.

My philosophy? You can’t put a price on feelin’ yourself. You are worth every dang dime.

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