You have to decide to roar louder…

You are always going to find one.
Ya know, another reason to hold off on this experience–to write it on your ever-growing bucket list and file it away for ‘someday’….

After all, it’s always something…isn’t it?
Once you lose the ten kilos you wanted to shed, you gain a bunch of unexpected bills that deplete your savings.  Once you get the bank account looking healthy again, you gain five of those kilos back (+ a bunch of acne that gives you pre-teen flashbacks)  from stress.

To add an additional layer of fun to that already exhausting rollercoaster, you also are juggling kids (sooo much to unpack there), your mom is giving her unsolicited opinion on everything, and work only seems to be getting more demanding.

What I mean to say is, life never stops hitting.

The tough-love truth is that you will probably never feel fully ready for a boudoir shoot. 
At some point, you have to decide to roar louder than that voice that says you can’t pull this off.  You have to be willing to take a giant step out of your comfort zone, and do something that scares the crap out of you. 

The very best part about all that?
You are going to find confidence like you’ve never had before.

Because an experience like this changes you.

You walk taller.
You look at yourself more kindly.|
You love your people better.
You go after what you want.
You settle less.
You bet on yourself.
You become a force.

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