Top Tips for getting the most out of your boudoir experience

Nerves are 100% normal, don’t think I have had a client that has not expressed some degree of feeling nervous in lead up to their session. Nerves are to be expected…

Eat and Drink Water
Many of my clients drive from far and wide, and number one killer of momentum is hunGer! A session lasts several hours, which includes hair and make-up, the photoshoot and same day viewing/ordering. Take care of your body day of your session, eat a sustainable breakfast. Whilst I offer refreshments as part of the experience a client would be much happier during their session if they are not thinking about how hungry they are because they skipped breakfast!

This one has become a no brainer, stretch and practice yoga to not only feel more connected in body and mind but as an added bonus by stretching will help allow the client to stretch that extra little into the pose!

Bring Outfits You Love
One perk of booking with me is that clients have access to the client wardrobe, where I have dozens of outfits to choose from to wear during the shoot. However when bringing own items I cannot stress this one enough, only bring outfits you love and feel comfortable in. Confidence is Key! Bring along fav lingerie set and if lingerie is not clients thing than bring what is you whether that be a favorite t-shit, or birthday suit!

Practice Makes Perfect!
Pointy toes! Yep, I love a good toe point. Hot tip practice pointing toes and arching back, this will help prepare client for shoot.

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