5 Common Misconceptions about Boudoir Photography

When it comes to boudoir there are a lot of misconceptions or myths about it… I am ready to crush some of them so settle down with a glass of wine to hear about the 5 most common ones I hear!

I do not see you the way that you see you. It’s a fact. I can’t even tell you how often it is a client says something like, ‘Ugh, I love your booty shots, but my booty is too (fill-in-the-blank).‘ And then they stare at that very booty in their image reveal, completely dumbfounded that it’s the same butt. I understand there are so many concerns you might have and just like the women you see on my page, they took experienced similar concerns. I don’t expect you to know how to pose, this is my job! I will guide you through poses, telling you when to arch, how to breathe and more.

Don’t be afraid you aren’t the exact weight you wanna be at.
Don’t be afraid that you aren’t as young as you wish you were.
Don’t be afraid of your ‘mom-bod”
Don’t be afraid of spending the money on yourself.

Be afraid that you were given one freaking life, and that you are spending it making excuses as to why you can’t do this.

The truth is you don’t need to lose or gain weight, you don’t need botox, you don’t need a boob job, you don’t need a tummy tuck, you don’t need a tan, you’d don’t need to change anything. The biggest thing that keeps you from this experience is you holding out for perfection. It’s never going to happen. Lucky for you, an experience isn’t about perfection. It’s about standing in your truth, celebrating who you are as a women, and getting the fuck out of your own way. I want you to see the truth that even with dimples and bumps and lumps and rolls – you are hot AF.

Confidence is a hard thing to nail down, right?
We all say we want it – and we dream of the day where we finally feel like we’ve got it all together.

Confidence is also something so many of you think you need to have before you can book your boudoir experience. So often when scrolling through comments, I see things like, *I will be booking once I get some confidence!* I always respond in my head:
I wish it were that easy…

Because the truth is, gaining self-confidence takes work.
It’s not something that you wish for, squeeze your eyes shut, click your heels three times, and wake up with… it’s a bit more complicated than that!
Confidence is a reward for bravery – for stepping outside of your comfort zone and doing the things you think you can’t.

Confidence isn’t something you need to have before your shoot, it’s something I will help you find during your session. All you need before booking your shoot is bravery – so stop counting yourself out, get five seconds of insane courage, and jump in with both feet.

confidence is waiting in the wings…

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For many years boudoir was always a gift for ‘someone else.‘ Now, it’s a gift for the self — it’s a gift that says I AM WORTHY. An experience is a gift to you first and can double as a gift to your significant other second.

I, of course, would LOVE to use images from our session together HOWEVER, I understand that not everyone want’s to share their images. With that said if you prefer to keep them provided, then I will not share your images unless you grant permission. There are 3 image release levels you can select

1, The Full Release: sharing any images from your session
2. Anonymous Release: sharing images that do not disclose your face
3. No Release: No images are shared from your session.

Don’t let these reasons be what is holding you back from this empowering experience. Message me today, or email me hello@chantellestapletonphotography.com

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