What happens day of your experience

I can 100% guarantee you, that at some point each and every single client in the lead up to their shoot will tell me how nervous they are, or how doing a boudoir shoot is not something they normally would do, often scaring themselves before they even arrive! I want to reassure you, this is normal…nerves are a good thing, but I promise there is nothing to be scared about!

I want to make sure your experience is comfortable and relaxing throughout the entire process, so I am the one you deal with throughout from your first initial inquiry, to booking your session, photographing you, for your viewing and ordering consult, editing of images and ordering of product!

When you first arrive, you will be greeted by me, given a tour of the studio zones whilst we will chat whilst we go through the garments you have brought in, and any props and see if there are any poses you have seen on our social pages that you want capturing.
From here you will meet our hair and makeup team, who will pamper you and help create a gorgeous look for your images.

Your shoot will be relaxed, fun, and full of way too much laughter and free sound effects from me. I will guide you every step of the way, showing you how to pose, telling you where to look, down to the placement of your hand. Your shoot will start with you in the most covered-up outfit, this is to help you get used to being in front of the camera and feeling 100% comfortable, from here we will work our way through all your outfits often ending the session with the most revealing outfit/look.

Once we have shot the last outfit/look we will break for a 30-minute lunch break, as you will have worked up an appetite. During this time I will be in the viewing room preparing your images for you to view that day! After 60minutes you will come back to the studio and we will go through your images together, removing any images that you do not like until you are left with your absolute favourites. At this stage we will review the collections, and collection prices and complete your order via direct deposit within 7 days of your session, applying for interest-free financing with PayRight or setting up direct deposit repayments.

It is best to allow 5-6 hours for your empowerment experience.

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