When you invest in this experience, you are saying ‘yes’ to YOU. You are saying that you value the long-term confidence that you will gain from pampering yourself. When you book your session, you aren’t just getting pretty photos of yourself (although let’s be real, HOT bonus right thurrrr). No. You are getting so much more than that. Because what I offer is priceless. What I offer is a life-changing experience that will forever shift the perspective on yourself.

What I offer is therapy for some. What I offer is self-care for others. What I offer is a mindset shift from thinking negatively about yourself and your body, to loving yourself fully and truly for exactly how you are.

Now that I’ve established the value of what I do, let’s chat about how to get it done!

Some tips and tricks that you can do to help speed the process along to save more money are;

  • SET UP YOUR OWN BOUDIE JAR: Let’s take it back old school style! Let’s say that even with the payment plans and Boudie Bank you are nervous about the financial investment, get a mason jar, and every day put a dollar in the jar. Sure it’s a slower moving process but it gets you closer to your goal every single day. If you can put more than a dollar some days, then all the power to you! Ex: If you put in $5 per day to your Boudie Jar, you can book The Boudoir Experience in just two months!

  • STOP EATING OUT: Finding yourself eating out multiple times a week, brunch with the girls, lunch with the work bestie, or dinner with the fam… Treat yourself to one outing a week, and watch those extra dollars you save will quickly add up.

  • SKIP THE DAILY COFFEE/DRINK: To all my coffee lovers out there, this one is for you….cut back – ouch, that hurt I know! But if you are buying 3-5 coffees a week cut back to buy 1-2 a week instead, that extra $5-$10 you save a week can go towards your experience.

  • FOOD SHOPPING ON AN EMPTY STOMACH: Don’t go food shopping when you are hungry (we have all done this and then buy the whole store!) Have a bite to eat before you head to the shops, meal prep for the week what you are having – this helps over buying, and getting too many snack foods that you wouldn’t normally purchase, which adds up quickly.

  • ADD SOME MARIE KONDO TO YOUR LIFE: go through your home and sell what you don’t use or want anymore, AND before purchasing something channel your inner Marie Kondo and think to yourself ‘does this spark joy’? 

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