You deserve to love the skin you’re in.

If you are shopping around for your boudoir experience, and are comparing me to other photographers based on price…
I’m going to lose every time.

I am definitely not the cheapest boudoir photographer you are going to find.

I could chalk it up to any/a combination of these truths:
software, camera gear, studio expenses, hair/makeup artists, the time it takes to create your experience, retouching, running a legal business, furthering my education through workshops, adding pieces to the Client Wardrobe Closet, & the list goes on.

…but honestly? 
You aren’t paying me to click a button and tell you that you’re pretty.

When you book a shoot with me, you are investing in my ability to help you find an unshakeable confidence and love the woman you see in the mirror every day.
This is a deeply intimate experience–one in which you should feel seen, supported, pampered, and challenged during, and drop-dead gorgeous/worthy/badass after.

Can you really put a price on that?

There are many things in life that you can cut corners on, and it won’t kill you.

Buy the cheap sunglasses, sister!  They are just as cute!
But something as precious as your self-confidence? 
That is something that deserves the best.

Boudoir photographers that are charging you a few hundred bucks aren’t investing in their craft at the level it requires to pull this off.
Most of them don’t have beautiful studios to host your session, they don’t have a dedicated team of professional artists to pamper you, and most importantly–they often don’t know how to pose you to make you feel incredible
Cheap boudoir hurts something way worse than your wallet.
It hurts your feelings.

You deserve to love the skin you’re in.
When you feel good about yourself, everything else gets better.
You settle less, you laugh more, you care less about what others think, you love your people more intentionally, and you lean into this beautiful life you are living with confidence.
You aren’t really investing in me at all.
You are investing in yourself.

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