Sometimes, when my mind wanders, I think of you.

I think about how much you probably want to give this whole boudoir thing a whirl, and also of every excuse that has sunk its teeth into you and won’t let go.

I constantly have a flood of DMs that say things like:
“I love your work but my stomach is too flabby for this!!”
“Ugh, I desperately need the confidence boost but I have mom boobs and loose skin.”
“I have so much cellulite, once I lose weight I’m going for it!”

It seems like a really dangerous either/or line being drawn in the sand, sisters.
You can have a real body OR be beautiful/confident/sexy.
You can be a mom OR a hot goddess.
You can be perfect OR you are failing.

My greatest work as a boudoir photographer is in helping you free yourself from this cage.
Because every day you cling to the either/or, you’ll spend searching.
Searching for something more out of this one beautiful life you’ve been given. 

My sweet friend, hear me.
You deserve a life without limits, mkay?
There is so much magic in the power of ‘and.’

You can have kids AND feel sexy/desirable.
You can have jiggle/lumps/marks/flab AND have a beautiful body.
You can be working towards a goal AND be worthy just as you are.
You can be a really good person AND feel like you never have it all together.

And is a refuge.
And is practicing kindness to yourself.
And is gratitude for where you are (and where you are going).

Remember that you are a human.
Your body was never intended to be perfect.
You have softness, you have scars, you have dips.


You have a story worth telling, celebrating, and showing up for.

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