As a photographer, I can think of very few things that are better than receiving an email or message from a happy client.

This is one that I received recently, and it absolutely made my day! I thought it was just too good to share.

Mary came in for her photo session recently, and she expressed her nerves and concerns for the way she viewed herself but after showing her a couple of images of the back of the camera her nerves, her negative thoughts were put at ease. Here is what she said about the experience: Chantelle thank you SO MUCH for a brilliant shoot. Going into this I was incredibly nervous and unsure about how my photos would turn out, to the point where when I looked in the mirror I couldn’t see anything I liked BUT as soon as you showed me the first few photos on your camera, I knew I had literally nothing to worry about. We truly can be our own worst enemies, and sitting in the viewing session and picking out all our favourite photos was insane… I can’t believe I cried over photos of myself, they are so beautiful THANK YOU for walking me through it all, the experience is one I’ll never forget

Thank you, Mary, for sharing about your experience! I am so glad you enjoyed it. ⠀

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