My experience was an eye opener, one that I will forever be grateful for, for the way it changed how I felt and viewed myself – thank you Chantelle. 


In the lead up to my shoot I was nervous, it was daunting knowing I’d be wearing minimal clothing in front of well technically a stranger and yet at the same time I was excited, excited to try something different and outside my comfort zone. I chose to do this session for me, for the way I viewed myself, having been very self conscious about my body for awhile now, having had a thing about not liking the way I look.

I didn’t think I would have the courage to do a session or think I’d find someone that I would feel comfortable with, but then I found Chantelle and she changed my perspective of myself, I never knew I could look that good or that my body was that great until I seen the pictures Chantelle had taken for me, and i’ll be forever grateful for it.


Chantelle made me feel comfortable in the lead up to my session, with great communication in the lead up to my session – reminder emails, how to get to the studio, guides and more! Going into the week of my session Chantelle began a countdown, getting me even more excited for my upcoming session with her. It helped a lot making me feel more at ease going into my session. Upon arrival to the studio and first impressions is it is amazing, such a great set up, very clean and tidy and just in general a great place. The location of the studio well it’s a big of a drive for me to get to from where I live, but it’s definitely worth the travel! I was made to feel welcomed and respected with only doing what I felt comfortable doing. And the communication after my session was amazing, it made me feel like I am more than just a client, checking in to see how I enjoyed my experience, to letting me know I rocked my session that I was amazing and my images were beautiful.

Overall my experience was an eye opener, it made me go back to Chantelle for a second shoot! That’s how good it was, and my images…are so unbelievably amazing – thank you, I will be forever grateful for this experience, the great shots I got out of it. I haven’t felt good about myself in a long time until I had done this shoot. So to whoever wants to get a shoot done please do, the experience is just amazing, to start with your nervous but it’s also so exciting and once you see your images you’ll be amazed at the results of your images! And like me you’ll want to go back again! So thank you very much Chantelle for the amazing experience I would definitely recommend you to anyone that’s wanting photos done! 🙂

– Lady E




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