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Yay girl! Session is booked, hope you are excited because I bloody am! Ok, so you wondering what do I do now??
Take a moment to read through this super handy guide I have put together for you, to help you get the most from your session. It is full of tips, tricks, and more. Any questions shoot me a message


Don’t forget to book your beauty appointments, and if this is a part of your regular routine then ensure you book the appointments to line up with your shoot!

  • Hair: If you are due for colour or cut then book your appointment 1-2 weeks before your session date.

  • Personal Grooming (waxing, ipl, laser): book your appointment at minimum 3 days prior to your session date.

  • Eyebrows: your eyebrows can be done anytime 1-2 weeks in the lead up to your session date.

  • Nails: Nothing worse than looking back at your images and noticing that chipped nail or nail polish so book your nails for 2-5 days before your session date and remember to either keep it to neutral colours or colours that suit your outfits.





I can’t stress enough how important stretching is to get you xx for your shoot. Trust me you will not want to skip this step, in fact you will thank me for it! The more you can bend/arch the better you can do the poses and the better it will look.

Take a moment to watch the Youtube video on stretching I have made, HERE



I know this one is going to be tough for some babes, and is normally a must but PLEASE stay away from fake tans, spray tans, and tanning beds. It is much harder to edit out bad/patchy tans, and I sure as hell do not want you looking orange or sunburnt in your photos! On that note, limit your exposure to the sun about 3-4 weeks leading up to your session.

Remember to moisturize your face daily, your skin will thank you!





Water is really your best friend, not kidding! Make sure at minimum the week leading into your session that you drink plenty of water. This will help flush out any toxins from your body, making your skin look healthier.

PLEASE no alcohol consumption the night before or day of your session and make sure you get plenty of sleep as well!



Make sure you shave in your normal areas before your session.
If you wax or get laser/ipl then make sure you do it three days prior to your session. Why? You don’t want to risk looking red for your session.

If you do not regularly or have never had a wax or laser/ipl before then NOW IS NOT the time to start, you don’t want to risk having a reaction!





Trust me hun you do not want to arrive to the studio with greasy hair, no amount of dry shampoo will help! So please arrive to the studio the day of your session with clean, dry hair. Wash your face, moisturizing your face is ok but please do not put any make-up on.




Studio Set Up-6.jpg

prep faq




There are so many yummy, amazing places to eat beach, around the studio!

1. Oceans 27
2. The Landing
3. The Beach House

There are also endless choices of general fast food options within a 10-minute drive.

All the locations listed are within a 15-minute drive to the studio.

1, Mindarie Marina Hotel
p: 08 9305 9305
a: 33 Ocean Falls Blv, Mindarie WA 6030

2. Joondalup Resort
p: 08 9400 8888
a: Country Club Blvd, Connolly WA 6027

If you have travelled to Perth and are here for a couple days then here are some great things to do:

1. Day trip to Rottnest Island
2. Weekend trip to Margaret River (only the most amazing wine, cheese, craft beer, oh and did I say cheese!)
3. Visit Fremantle
4. Adventure World


Bridal Boudoir-48.jpg

Getting the right kind of fit is important, so remember these five simple tips when finding your kick-ass outfits whether you are browsing your wardrobe or wanting to go on a shopping spree because let’s face it you are worth it!

  • ONE: Try on your lingerie!! And yep I mean every single piece you have brought, or have found in your cupboards at home.

  • TWO: If shopping for new lingerie don’t get caught up in tag sizes! Sizes can vary depending on the brand and style of the piece so what you may be in one brand could be different in another, plus we are human, we all come in different shapes and sizes.

  • THREE: Next think Marie Kondo, does this outfit spark joy and confidence? If there is even the tiniest bit of “um, maybe? unsure?” then no girl this ain’t your piece!

  • FOUR: The right fit, Unsure of your measurements, or what suits you? Don’t be afraid to ask the gal behind the counter at Bras n Things, or Honey Birdette they have a wealth of knowledge of helping women with their sizing, colours to suit their skin tone and more! Also don’t be afraid to try a colour on because it might be “bright” , if you try it on and don’t like it cool..

  • FIVE: This one is for all my gals out there who are self-conscious about their tummy area and wanting that little extra coverage (even though you don’t need it!), opt for high waisted underwear, and bodysuits.

Jade Re-Edits-2.jpg


Ok I am going to keep this one as simple as possible, and please know there is always the exception to the rule!! The most important thing I can say is select colours that you feel confident in, that also compliment your skin and the aesthetic of the studio. If you know a colour washes you out, then steer clear, do not buy it! As a general rule of thumb pale skin tones often look good in darker colours, whilst darker skin tones look good in lighter colours, but of course, this can sometimes be quite the opposite!


Ok, here you have it my list of absolute favs on where to shop from the luxury brands to the more budget-friendly both in-store and online!




Yes, the are a more luxury brand and cost a penny but my god are they worth it!

Anyone who knows me will know what I am about to say… I FRIGGEN LOVE Honey Birdette. Their quality and detail is amazing and the ladies there are so helpful! They are more know for their brighter colour lingerie, whilst often stocking black and white sets as well. You will see in a lot of my photos there is a lot of Honey Birdette, plus the client wardrobe has many staples from there.

Shoutout to the Joondalup store!! You gals are amazing, always helpful with my own lingerie purchases as well as the studios xx

Honey Birdette Website



I love Bras N Things for so many reasons! They have such a large range of lingerie on offer!!

Over half of the client wardrobe is currently stocked full of Bras N Things bodysuits, why because their prices are amazing and they have such beautiful designs that really do cater to all body types. They have a good range of softer colour’s and brighter/bolder colours to select from, meaning that there is something for everybody!

I love heading to my local Ocean Keys and Joondalup stores the ladies there are super friendly and helpful.

Bras N Things Website



There are so many amazing online stores

  • Shein

  • Victoria Secret

  • Yandy

  • Playful Promises

  • Hips and Curves

  • City Chic


Whilst the studio has several on hand I get this questions a lot on where to buy beautiful robes and depending on your budget they can range from $60-$350…00

  • Bridal by Aubree Rose

  • Honey Birdette

  • Bras N Things

  • Etsy


If you have any questions about preparing for your upcoming session then feel free to contact me on
p: 0406 227 298

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