Be kind to yourself. Your body is a temple and you are the goddess that resides within it. Chantelle Stapleton Photography is an all inclusive studio located in Alkimos, Western Australia. Our passion here at the studio is to empower every woman to feel confident and happy in their own skin by creating beautiful imagery through a body positive empowering experience. A boudoir experience is more than just a photoshoot, whether you are doing the shoot for yourself, or as a surprise for your partner, you’ll leave feeling powerful with an unforgettable experience and investment you won’t regret.

I am here for you every step of the way to guide you, support you, give you a virtual hug when the nerves kick in, and they will, and that is 100% normal! I’ve said it before and I will say it again, boudoir is more than just a photo shoot it is about women embracing their bodies, loving themselves sick, imperfections and all!



WARNING: JOINING THIS GROUP MAY RESULT IN INCREASED SELF-CONFIDENCE, SELF-AWARENESS, AND SELF-LOVE! Join us for inappropriately high levels of positivity, encouragement, after-dark talks, and support! The group was made for women wanting to learn more about a boudoir experience for themselves! This is geared towards potential clients and past clients. I will be sharing my photography in this private group, along with the occasional Boudie Call and other business specials! My goal is for every woman to see how beautiful they truly are.

I honestly cannot thank Chantelle enough, I am so happy I booked a shoot with Chantelle. It was the most empowering and fun experience, her work is incredible and she makes you feel so amazing!
I felt so comfortable during the whole experience, she guides you, hypes you up and makes the whole experience fun! I can’t stop looking back at my photos, amazed on how I look and how insane her photography it!!
Honestly, if you haven’t booked a session – do it!! You defiantly won’t regret it and it is 100% the best investment in yourself!!!
Again thank you so much Chantelle, this won’t be my last shoot!


Going into this I was incredibly nervous and unsure about how my photos would turn out, to the point where when I looked in the mirror I couldn’t see anything I liked. BUT as soon as Chantelle showed me the first few photos on her camera, I knew I LITERALLY had nothing to worry about. We really can be our own worst enemies. Sitting in the viewing session and picking out all my favourite photos was…insane! I can’t believe I cried over photos of myself, they are so beautiful.
THANK YOU Chantelle for walking me through it all, the experience is one I will never forget.

  • MARY

Image credit: fliss & co


Heyyy, I’m the gal behind the lens, the emails, and the late night messages! Some may say I have an addiction to Adair’s, an obsession for hot chocolates (because let’s be real coffee is overrated!) and make a mean white choc fudge brownie. I hold strong beliefs that there is no such thing as too many fur kids, just don’t tell my husband! I am a wife to my loving husband Shannon, and a fur mum to Hulk.

I am a professional boudoir and maternity photographer with a specially dedicated home studio, located in Alkimos, Western Australia. I pour my entire heart and soul into creating the most incredible boudoir experience for my clients, using my business as a platform to capture 100’s of everyday women of every age, shape, and size to feel confident and happy in their skin. I love seeing my client’s reactions when they see their beautiful images on the screen and realise that having this experience and these photos are the best decision they made, and it is at that moment they can truly understand the value of these photographs.